8 Christmas Themes for 2023

8 Christmas Themes for 2023

If you’re the type of person to go all out on decorating your house for Christmas, we can only assume that you’re also the person that is throwing the party. I’m sure you give the same amount of attention to your Christmas party themes as you do to your meticulous decorating. We’ve got you covered on all of the Christmas party trends and we have the Invitations to go with them. No matter what party theme you’re searching for we have the invitation the matches!

1. Ugly sweater party

We can all thank the 80s for bringing this tradition into our lives. The classic ugly sweater party during Christmas is a must. Have all your guests show up in the most hideous Christmas sweater they can find and you can put on a Contest to see who has the ugliest sweater. You can also have all your friends and family decorate gingerbread men with ugly sweaters of their own.

Ugly Sweater Party Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

2.Christmas cocktail party

A holiday cocktail party is a perfect theme if you don’t want to make a full meal. Instead focus on small bites like holiday hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. Make some holiday inspired cocktails and have your guests mingle around!

Holiday Cocktail Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo

3.Christmas pajama party

This holiday party theme is perfect for close friends and family. Have all your guests wear their most comfy holiday pajamas to watch all the classic Christmas movies. Your guests can play board games and do Christmas charades at your Christmas pajama party.

Christmas video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

4.White elephant party

White elephant party is a gift exchange so each person must bring one wrapped present to the Christmas party. Once everyone is assembled have each person draw a number. The person with number one chooses a present to unwrap. All your Guest will have fun stealing and exchanging gifts until everyone has picked a final gift. this party theme is sure to have everyone anticipating the event and leaving with a new gift.

Christmas video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

5.Flannel and Frost

Have all your guys show up in their favorite flannel attire to your holiday party. This makes for a perfect photo ops and a festive experience. Make some frosty holiday beverages and you’re all set for the perfect flannel and frost holiday party.

Christmas Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

6. Mistletoe and margaritas

Throw a holiday fiesta with this party theme. Hang the mistletoe and have your chips and salsa and margaritas on standby. This theme puts a fun new twist on a classic holiday party.

Christmas Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

7.Favorite Things Party

Have your guests bring three of their favorite things to exchange at your holiday party. Each person shows off the item they brought and explains why it’s their favorite thing. Then they draw names to give the items away. It’s the perfect party game to get to know your guests better and get in the gift giving Christmas spirit.

Christmas video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

8.Christmas Disco

If you’re tired of conventional Christmas parties have a holiday disco. Turn on the 70s music and get out some red and white tinsel and your disco ball and you’re ready for your Christmas disco!

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