10 Thanksgiving Ideas for 2022

10 Thanksgiving Party Ideas for 2022

Creative Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2022

We are all looking forward to some Holiday cheer in 2022!  We know that our Thanksgiving traditions are being re-imagined with technology and growing families - but don’t get your turkey feathers ruffled- we are here to help you with some ideas to enjoy Thanksgiving this year and keep is super entertaining for every turkey in your group of family and friends!

Send Thanksgiving Invitations

.Hostessy Video Invitations are the best way to get people excited about coming to your Thanksgiving Celebration. From classic invitations to funny invites- everyone will be smiling when they receive your invitation!


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Thanksgiving Schedule of Events

Thanksgiving day there is something for everyone! Macy’s Day Parade starts the Holiday season off  at 8am CST- 11am. There is nothing more fun then cooking some pancakes or cinnamon rolls and watching the parade. Most parents are busy prepping and cooking for the big day!

Pet Lovers tune in for the fantastic furry National Dog Show- that immediately follows the parade. It is a blast for everyone to pick and root for their favorite dog to win!

Next is the up is the big Thanksgiving Dinner because it’s all about that baste


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Football Thanksgiving Family? Welcome to the Turkey Bowl!

If you love football, then you know it’s a part of your Thanksgiving tradition! We have the line up here! 

Who is playing on Thanksgiving?

  • The Buffalo Bills play at the Detroit Lions.
  • The New York Giants play at the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The New England Patriots play at the Minnesota Vikings.

How to watch the NFL's Thanksgiving tripleheader?

  • Buffalo Bills-Detroit Lions on CBS (12:30 p.m. ET)
  • New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys on FOX (4:30 p.m. ET)
  • New England Patriots-Minnesota Vikings on NBC (8:20 p.m. ET)

Here is the perfect invite for your theme!

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Cozy Thanksgiving?

One idea we love is if you are having close family or friends over, set up some tables outside per family. Think of a Thanksgiving buffet style with your family while being in the presence of other family and friends. A classic thanksgiving theme compliments this setting.

Thanksgiving Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

 Depending where you are located and the weather - an outdoor space makes a wonderful natural canvas to create a bright and beautiful Thanksgiving setting. With a natural background, A vibrant Thanksgiving table setting with bold colors like bright burnt red plates and orange placemats, and white twine knotted napkins on a white table runner. Create dimension by adding different heights, shapes and textures of autumn hued candles. Ade full table-length greenery garland that runs off both sides of the table and accents like pumpkins or corn husks. Don’t neglect the chairs - a nice touch is to add pillows and a nice throw on each setting area for if it gets a bit chilly. 

 Fry the Bird!

This is spectacular way to get folks outside, it’s a thanksgiving phenomenon, and gives whoever is in the kitchen a break! It will put the turkey at the center of any party from modern to country style! Don’t forget the s’mores bonfire after your Thanksgiving meal!

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Country theme may be more around rustic look

Thanksgiving Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

Support A Local or Small Business 

Pie for breakfast? Beautiful Cookie Boxes? These are trends for 2022 and a great way to support small businesses in your area and take some work off your plate! Order "Thanksgiving in a Box"  dinners from local restaurants and small businesses for your family or order for your loved ones, like our older family members, to include them in on the Thanksgiving fun. Encourage everyone to bring a dessert or side from a small business.

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Check your local listing and support a small business owner with something you are going to purchase anyway.

Tree Reveal!

Just make it a tradition- something to look forward too. Put up your tree so it will light up at night! It kicks the holidays right off and you’ll never have as much help to decorate as Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Thanksgiving Cocktail Time

Thanksgiving Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

 Holiday cocktail hour for Thanksgiving. 

The most important thing is to be thankful. It’s been a rough couple of years for most and we are all just be thankful to be together-finally. Toast to that.


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