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11 Groovy Disco Party Themes for 2023

Are you planning a disco party and looking for some tips and ideas to make it a success? In this blog post, we will share some useful information to help you plan the perfect disco party.Here are 5 basic steps to follow:


1.Set the Tone with Invitations

First things first, you need to set the tone for your disco party by sending out the right invitations. Consider designing invitations that reflect the disco theme, such as disco balls or funky 70s patterns. You can also encourage guests to dress up in disco attire to really get into the spirit of the party.

 Soul train: A Soul Train party is a type of dance party that is inspired by the popular American television show, "Soul Train," which aired from 1971 to 2006. The show featured a diverse range of music, including soul, funk, disco, and R&B, and showcased dancers who performed their best moves down a central aisle.


Soul Train Disco Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Studio 54: Throwback to the iconic nightclub that epitomized the disco era with a Studio 54-themed party.



Studio 54 40th Birthday from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Saturday Night Fever: Inspired by the classic movie starring John Travolta, this theme is all about the fashion and music of the 1970s.


Disco Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Disco Inferno: Turn up the heat with a Disco Inferno theme, complete with fiery decorations and disco ball centerpieces.


Red Disco Ball Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Groovy 70s: Embrace the decade of peace, love, and disco with a groovy 70s theme. Think colorful patterns, platform shoes, and peace signs.


Disco Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

Boogie Nights: Take your guests on a trip back to the 70s with a Boogie Nights theme, featuring disco balls, neon lights, and funky music.


Disco Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

Abba Mania: Pay tribute to the Swedish disco group with an Abba-themed party, complete with disco ball decorations and 70s-inspired costumes.


Disco Invitation and Itinerary from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Disco Divas: Celebrate the fierce female singers of the disco era with a Disco Divas theme. Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite disco queen, from Donna Summer to Gloria Gaynor. 

Disco Birthday Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.



Retro Roller Disco: Combine disco with roller skating for a fun and energetic party. Encourage guests to bring their own skates and have a disco ball spinning overhead.

Disco Skate Party Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


80s Dance Party: If you want to mix things up a bit, consider an 80s-themed disco party. Think Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Michael Jackson.


80’s Throwback Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


Disco Ballroom: Transform your party space into a disco ballroom, complete with elegant table settings and a glittering disco ball hanging overhead.



Disco Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


2.Create the Right Atmosphere

To create the perfect disco atmosphere, you'll need to think about the lighting, music, and decorations. Invest in a disco ball and other disco-themed decorations such as colorful balloons, streamers, and neon lights. Play a mix of classic disco hits from the 70s and 80s to get your guests in the dancing mood.


3.Dress Up for the Occasion

One of the most fun parts of a disco party is dressing up in 70s or 80s disco attire. Encourage your guests to get into the spirit by wearing bell bottoms, platform shoes, and disco-inspired outfits. You could even have a costume contest to see who has the best disco attire.


4.Provide Disco-Inspired Food and Drinks

No party is complete without food and drinks, and a disco party is no exception. Consider serving up disco-inspired food such as fondue, deviled eggs, and cheese and pineapple sticks. For drinks, you could serve up classic cocktails such as a Harvey Wallbanger or a Brandy Alexander.


5.Have Fun with Disco-Themed Activities

In addition to dancing, you can also include other disco-themed activities to keep your guests entertained. For example, you could set up a DIY photo booth with funky disco props or have a karaoke contest featuring classic disco hits. You could also have a dance-off competition or a disco trivia game.

 With these tips and ideas, you're sure to have a disco party that your guests will never forget. Remember to have fun and get into the spirit of the disco era, and your guests are sure to follow suit!

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