8 New Years Eve Party Themes

8 New Years Eve Party Themes

The most amazing 2024 New Years Eve Video Invitations is perfect for ringing in the New Year’s Eve Party with friends. Get ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Confetti, champagne and more! The best editable video invitations for the Holidays from Hostessy.
    1. "Midnight in Paris" - This theme is inspired by the City of Love and can be decorated with elements like Eiffel Tower cutouts, French flags, and berets. Guests can dress in chic, Parisian-inspired attire, and the menu can feature French appetizers and pastries.  

      Paris at Night Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


    2. "Roaring Twenties" - Take your New Year's Eve celebration back in time to the glamour of the 1920s. Decorate with Art Deco-inspired pieces and encourage guests to dress in their best flapper dresses and suits.

      Great Gatsby Vídeo Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.


    3. "Golden Age of Hollywood" - This theme is all about the glitz and glamour of classic Hollywood. Set the stage with red carpet, paparazzi cutouts, and movie-themed decorations. Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite Hollywood icons.

      Hostessy Hollywood good from Hostessy on Vimeo.

    4. Casino Night" - Turn your New Year's Eve party into a casino night, complete with games like blackjack, poker, and roulette. Encourage guests to dress in their finest suits and dresses, and decorate the space with casino-themed decorations.

      Las Vegas Casino Night Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

      5.Disco Inferno: Break out the bell bottoms and platform shoes and get ready to boogie down to some classic disco hits.

      Gold Disco Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.



      6."Masquerade" - This theme is perfect for those who love mystery and intrigue. Encourage guests to come in masks and ornate costumes, and decorate with elements like feathers and masquerade masks.Hostessy Halloween Masquerade from Hostessy on Vimeo.

              7. A champagne party is a classic and festive way to celebrate New Year's Eve. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your party. Invitations: Send out invitations to your guests with a champagne theme, or create your own with a simple online invitation service.Decorations: Set the mood with sparkly and festive decorations. Hang streamers and balloons, and use glitter and confetti to add some extra shine.

New Years Eve Video Invitation from Hostessy on Vimeo.

              8."Winter Wonderland" - This theme is perfect for those celebrating New Year's Eve in a colder climate. Decorate with white lights and icicle decorations, and encourage guests to come in winter-themed attire.
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